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Today August 22, 2014

Front Row

Written by Rudy on October 23, 2012 - 7:10 am -

You have to be careful reading this Rudy Report, because it contains more information than Wikipedia and Google combined, so read one sentence at a time, today on "National Mole Day." While other reports and websites are very impersonal, the Rudy Report cares about almost all of its readers. The special attention that you get is quite unique. With us, you will always sit in the front row! You deserve it, so sit back and relax...


There were as many games in the NLCS series between San Francisco and St. Louis as Lance Armstrong has Tour de France titles... Oh wait... Anyways, in Game 7, the Giants crushed the Cardinals to advance to the World Series, where they will face Detroit. And, on Monday Night Football, Chicago had an easy victory against the Detroit Lions.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Alex Zanardi, Al Leiter, Doug Flutie, Chi-Chi Rodriguez, and Chinese table tennis sensation Wang Nan. On this day in 2001, Apple announced the iPod. Have a great day, there is no new Dear Rudy right now, but learn something pretty cool about an inventor in the Random Fact section!

The Budget Question - A new report details the trade-off that the Yankees have to face between reducing payroll and fielding a competitive team. Read here.


Written by Rudy on October 22, 2012 - 12:46 pm -

New statistics show that the Rudy Report is now more popular than Alex Rodriguez, Bashar al-Assad, and Lance Armstrong combined, which is nice, today on "National Knee Day." In a recent report, we were talking about the right moment for a photo op. Well, not just the right moment is important. The correct pose matters as well!


The Formula One race in New Jersey is on hold for another year due to planning issues. Not bad given the traffic situation at the New Jersey turnpike... In the NFL, the New York Giants beat Washington, while the Jets almost beat the Patriots, but lost in overtime. In baseball, San Francisco won against St. Louis, forcing a Game 7 tonight, that will decide which team makes the World Series. And, in the Premier League, Chelsea beat Tottenham, while ManU, ManCity, and Liverpool won their respective games. Arsenal lost against Norwich.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Heath Miller, Ichiro Suzuki, Ron Tugnutt, Brian Boitano, Arsene Wenger, Otis Smith, and Dutch swimming sensation Mark van der Zijden. On this day in 1939, the first NFL game ever, Eagles versus Dodgers, was broadcast on television. Have a great week, there is no new Dear Rudy at the moment, but learn something somewhat interesting about chess in the Random Fact section!

Final Cornerstone - The New York Giants and Jets have signed SAP and EMC, which together will be the last companies to become cornerstone sponsors of MetLife Stadium. Read here.

Election Special 3

Written by Rudy on October 19, 2012 - 10:16 am -

This Rudy Report has traveled further, faster, and in more spectacular ways than any Austrian skydiver ever could, today on "National New Friends Day." We continue our Election Special, which is now more popular than the election process itself. We have already touched on a few major issues. There was healthcare, there was tax cuts, and then there was the discussion about Big Bird...


The New York Yankees can join the Mets on vacation after the Detroit Tigers won yesterday's game to sweep the Yankees 4-0 in the series. The Tigers will face St. Louis or San Francisco in the World Series. There are rumors that LeBron James could join the LA Lakers in 2014. And, in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers beat Seattle 13-6.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Louis Oosthuizen, Keith Foulke, Evander Holyfield, and Finnish racing sensation Heikki Kovalainen. On this day in 1987, the Dow Jones index fell by 22%, making the day known as "Black Monday." Have a great weekend, there is still the new Dear Rudy about the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez' performance, and find out how much Americans really like honey in the Random Fact section!

Still No Deal - There is still no deal for investor Greg Jamison to buy the Phoenix Coyotes as several problems regarding the arena lease remain unsolved. Read here.

Election Special 2

Written by Rudy on October 18, 2012 - 9:56 am -

The Rudy Report has finally been rightfully awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize as we have become a beacon of peace with just the right amount of aggression, today on "National No Beard Day." We continue our popular and groundbreaking Election Special for the upcoming presidential elections, as we focus on the most important issues. One very, very important issue is the matter of who is up for election. Know your candidates, if you want to bomb a photo...


Bad news continue for Lance Armstrong. After losing a testicle, he now also lost his Nike sponsorship and a role in the Livestrong Foundation. Beyonce will perform at the Super Bowl in February. And, in the MLB playoffs, the Yankees extended their ALCS run by.... well, by not playing, because the game got postponed due to bad weather. The game will take place this afternoon.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Lindsey Vonn, Alex Cora, Doug Mirabelli, Martina Navratilova, Mike Ditka, and German discus throwing sensation Robert Harting. On this day in 1898, the United States took possession of Puerto Rico. Have a great day, there is the new Dear Rudy about Alex Rodriguez, and find out how many calories you burn when you kiss in the Random Fact section!

A New Plan - National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman has presented a new offer to the players that could save the NHL season. Read here.

No New Plan - It looks like a deal for a new arena in Edmonton fell through, which could lead the owner to move the Oilers to another city. Read here.

Election Special 1

Written by Rudy on October 17, 2012 - 7:45 am -

The Rudy Report will take a closer look at the upcoming presidential elections in the next few days, giving you an unbiased and precise overview, like today on "National Be Bald and Free Day." The first topic that concerns voters is healthcare. Whether you like Obamacare or Romnaid, everyone agrees that healthcare is way too expensive. You get squeezed for money in any situation...


There are still rumors that the Boston Red Sox will be for sale. The owner is now looking for minority partners, which could be the first step. Dirk Nowitzki may be out for a few weeks of the NBA  season due to surgery. In the World Cup qualifiers, Germany was leading against Sweden 4-0, but the game ended in a 4-4 draw. Spain had a 1-1 draw against France. And, in the baseball playoffs, the Yankees... whatever, you saw it or you were lucky enough to see the presidential debate instead.

The Rudy Report says Happy Birthday to Ernie Els, John Rocker, Bob Seagren, and Sir Lankan cricket legend Aravinda "Mad Max" de Silva. On this day in 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Have a great day, there is a brand-new Dear Rudy about Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, and learn something about George Washington that you did not know for sure in the Random Fact section!

Hole In One - Golfer Phil Mickelson is still in talks to become a minority stakeholder of a new ownership group for the San Diego Padres. Read here.

Upward Trend - There are signs that fees for new expansion franchises of Major League Soccer will continue to increase amid the league's success. Read here.

If You Build It - The city of Seattle has approved the construction of a new $490 million arena that will try to attract NBA and NHL franchises. Read here.